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Business Climate Summit

Messieurs les présidents [Sir Roger Gifford, President of the Green Finance Initiative of the City of London, and Peter Bakker, President of the WBCSD],

Dear participants,

Good morning,

This summit is taking place at a rather peculiar moment for the United Kingdom.
I would only like to stress that climate ignores frontiers,
so don’t worry, I will not touch upon any contentious topics !
So let me go straight to the issues at hand.

I would like to stress several points :

First of all, let’s make sure the Paris Agreement on climate comes rapidly into force.
The Paris conference was an historical event.
The signing ceremony in New York on 22 April showed that the momentum did not abate,
with some 175 signatures on the first day of signing.
This was unprecedented.
As president of COP21 I want an acceleration of ratifications before the end of the year, to reach the threshold of 55 countries and 55 % of emissions so as to get the Agreement in force before COP22. It is difficult but we can do it.
20 countries have ratified so far. France did so on 9th June.
The European Union has also set itself in motion :
The European Parliament will examine a decision proposal of the European Commission for ratification.
Our aim is for the Council of Ministers to adopt it before COP22 in Marrakech.

Second, we need to set a price for carbon.

I remember the last Climate and Business Summit
in May last year in Paris to prepare for COP21.
Many of you were present.
I heard for the first time private sector companies
demanding a price for carbon,
in order to strengthen their investment
in the low carbon economy and renewable energy.
That was very new.

In Paris in July last year, more than 2,000 scientists
from all over the world
demonstrated with irrefutable evidence
that climate change was a worsening reality,
and that there’s no room for doubt.
For the business sector that relies on certainty, here’s a certainty.

And here’s another certainty :
Doing nothing is more costly than acting.

Things have moved on since last year.

At COP21 in December, during the Focus Business Event,
with Ban Ki-moon, John Kerry and over a hundred decision makers and investors,
some of whom are with us today,
we again called for carbon pricing.

The Carbon Leadership coalition, which I cochair,
promotes carbon pricing worldwide.
26 governments, 90 companies are now part of this coalition.

In April in Washington, we set ourselves a target,
which we reaffirmed at our meeting in June in Paris.
12 % of carbon emissions are now covered by a carbon pricing mechanism.

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