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COP21 - FOCUS DAY ON BUILDINGS - Ségolène Royal announces the creation of the global alliance for buildings and construction to combat climate change

On the occasion of Buildings Action Day on December 3, Ségolène Royal, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, and Head of the French delegation launched the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction to combat Climate Change.

This alliance is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme and has been joined by 20 States, representing more than 1 billion people.

The creation of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction was the subject of a joint statement signed by over 70 leaders from the construction sector.

The signatories to the Alliance are :
- 20 countries : Austria, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Senegal, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, Dubai, Ukraine, Armenia, Vietnam ;

- 8 major groups : Lafarge Holcim, Saint Gobain, Velux, Consolidated Contractors Company, Danfoss, Veolia, Sekisui House, Suez Environnement ;

-  Over 50 national and international organisations, professional networks and funders.

The Alliance will :

- Bring together all the relevant global players on a large scale around a common ambition and sustain this momentum to ensure that they work together over time ;

- Increase the share of green building in international funding to implement new initiatives and increase the visibility of exemplary initiatives ;

- Gather around a program of operational activities strategic networks and partners covering the full range of stakeholders in the building production chain ;

- Promote initiatives and solutions by all the members signatory to the Alliance to make them reproducible and ensure their appropriation ;

- Create a network for public authorities in charge of construction, to align regulations and financing towards low-carbon strategies.

Besides being significantly involved in organising the first Buildings Action Day and being committed in the operational implementation of the Alliance from the start, France supports several specific actions :

- An initiative on tropical Architecture, supported by ADEME (the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), to develop a methodological framework of bioclimatic design and thermal comfort for tropical areas, thermal regulation in 20 countries and/or regions, and to build 100 exemplary reproducible and functional buildings ;

- A global fund project for sustainable building, “eco-building”, for which the feasibility study is funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) ;

-  An initiative for sustainable and affordable housing in collaboration with UN-habitat ;

-  A program for low-energy buildings in major cities, the “Building Efficiency Accelerator SE4All”
The building and construction sector is responsible for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions and is exposed to the impact of climate change. Built-up areas worldwide will nearly double by 2050. Thus, this sector is a high priority for action. The immense needs of developing countries make it a decisive issue for the future.

The Energy Transition for Green Growth Act sets the objective of achieving the energy retrofitting of 500,000 housing units per year, with a priority towards combating fuel poverty. The act improves the energy performance of new buildings.
The energy transition tax credit (CITE) amounts to a refund of 30% of the total cost of energy renovation work, up to a limit of €8,000 for a single person and €16,000 per couple. Mayors can grant exemptions from urban planning rules that could otherwise hinder building insulation projects.
New public buildings shall be exemplary on the energy and environmental levels. Urban planning documents can now require new buildings to integrate renewable energy. Major building work (e.g. re-roofing, façade renovations and extensions) must also be used as an opportunity to significantly improve the energy performance of all buildings.

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