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COP21 – LPAA Action Agenda : Ségolène Royal mobilises the territories of all five continents in order to accelerate initiatives by 2020

On the last LPAA Action Day, Ségolène Royal, Head of the French Delegation at the Paris Climate Change Conference, opened the Focus Day on Cities and Regions.

She re-affirmed the crucial role of representatives of local territories from all around the world to help implement and extend the commitments made by civil society during the first week of COP21.
According to the United Nations, cities account for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, and in 20 years from now 1.4 billion additional people will live in urban areas.

But cities and regions also have practical solutions to climate change. Ségolène Royal pointed out that “regional communities are often at the forefront of the fight against climate change and they support the initiatives taken at the national and international levels.”

In order to amplify this momentum, several initiatives were presented today that aim at :

- Increasing the number of local action plans for climate around the world,

- Strengthening local territories’ adaptation and resilience to climate risks,

- Ensuring that funding converges towards concrete actions, including those supported by local representatives,

- Facilitating partnerships and technology transfers between countries in order to build sustainable and resilient cities.

1- France is gearing itself up to help rural, urban, and agricultural communities from all continents develop climate plans and low carbon strategies as close to the people as possible in order to implement the objectives that will be set by the COP21 agreement ;

2- Ségolène Royal also declared her desire to “build greater resilience in as many cities and regions as possible, with particular attention paid to the most vulnerable populations”, in line with the commitment undertaken by the 187 States that adopted the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 last March. France particularly contributes to implementing prediction and early warning systems.

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