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Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire

COP21 : Segolène Royal welcomes the creation of the International Solar Alliance North South cooperation for the development of renewable energy

On the opening day of COP21, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched the International Solar Alliance with President Francois Hollande.

29 Heads of State and Government and 16 ministers or Heads of Delegation, including Ségolène Royal, Head of the French delegation, were there to participate in this initiative that aims at developing cooperation between countries on the issue of solar energy supply and demand.
Business leaders from all over the world were also there, ready to engage in the development of cost-efficient solar projects in countries located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. They joined together in a group called Terrawatt.
The Alliance aims at :

- Reducing the cost of solar power to provide universal access to this renewable energy, potentially abundant in southern hemisphere countries, and allowing these countries to develop in an independent and decentralized way without using fossil fuels.

- Developing new solar energy markets for the Alliance members by creating new projects and uses for companies working in this field.

India is firmly committed to the fight against climate change. Last spring India set a national target of 100 GW of solar energy by 2022.
Ségolène Royal, Head of the French delegation, welcomes this initiative that matches the French national and international priorities for action :

- Promoting the transfer of clean technologies to emerging and developing countries, thus allowing their economic dynamism to benefit directly from low-carbon innovations ;

- Facilitating access to electricity in southern hemisphere countries, particularly in Africa, very much involved in the Alliance, where electricity is a major issue in order to improve health, employment and education ;

- Opening up solar energy markets and lowering the costs for all users ;

- Promoting the French solar actors and their recognized expertise (Engie with Solaire Direct, Total with Sunpower, Silia, Urbasolar, DualSun, INE ...) and creating green growth jobs in France.
The investment needed for solar energy by 2030 is estimated to be more than $ 1,200 billion by the International Energy Agency. The Solar Alliance will focus on attracting such investment at the lowest possible cost.

The Energy Transition for Green Growth Act sets a target of increasing the share of renewable energy sources to 32% of final energy consumption by 2030 and to 40% share of electricity production. To achieve these goals, the calls for tender for photovoltaic installations are expanded and simplified.
The results of two tenders will be announced within a few days :

- For installations on buildings between 100 and 250 kWp : 160MW, with a lot specifically dedicated to agricultural facilities.

- For installations on very large roofs beyond 250 kWp and ground-based solar plants (more than 2,500 square meters of panels) : 800 MW, this volume having been doubled over the summer 2015.

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