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Flight-sharing services : conclusions of the working group

For several months, internet websites has been facilitating the relationships between private pilots and the general public.

This new activity requires working on a framework that ensures the safety of users while allowing development of this activity. Last autumn, the DGAC convened a working group with the main flight-sharing websites. The French Aeronautical
Federation, air transport pilots representatives, the air transport gendarmerie and the operational customs services also participated.

During several of constructive meetings, this working group discussed the different issues raised by this new activity relating to safety, the economic model and the type
of insurance.

Each actor made safety a priority. Flight-sharing users must benefit from sufficient guarantees in this regard. It is particularly necessary that the dedicated websites implement an active mechanism of safety and risk management.
This work concluded that flight-sharing activity organizers will have to acquire an air operator’s certificate (AOC) and an operator license. The DGAC has offered to accompany the various internet flight-sharing websites in this process by exchanging with them on the specificities of their activities.

In order to continue exchanges on the various application modalities of this flightsharing framework, the DGAC has invited all the concerned stakeholders to come together in a new working group. Some of them have already expressed their interest in this approach.

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