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LPAA : Ségolène Royal invites all countries to join the first 100 members of the Climate & Clean Air Coalition

Ségolène Royal welcomed the efforts of countries, cities and local territories, companies, NGOs and other actors of civil society who committed in 2015 to take action to reduce emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants, in particular the efforts the Climate & Clean Air Coalition member countries (CCAC).

On this occasion she presented their trophies to the laureates of the call for projects for the air conditioning unit of the future.

The Coalition aims at reducing short-lived pollutant emissions such as :

- hydrofluorocarbons (air conditioning - refrigerating)

- methane (emitted by waste in landfills or oil exploitation)

- carbon black (diesel particles, combustion of some hydrocarbons)

Among the initiatives developed by the coalition, Ségolène Royal particularly :

- Encouraged the fight against methane emissions in the waste sector. Illegal dumping and open burning of waste in some countries are massive emission sources, particularly in Africa.

- Welcomed the initiative on household waste presented today (Municipal Solid Waste Initiative) which brings together cities in several African countries.

She also welcomed the initiative on hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) which brings together companies committed to using alternative technologies to HFCs (whose global warming potential is 1,000 to 2,000 times higher than CO2). This initiative is particularly important in the context of the adoption of an amendment to the Montreal Protocol, aiming at phasing out the use of HFCs in worldwide.

In this regard, a few months ago Ségolène Royal launched a call for projects for air conditioning and refrigerating solutions with a lower environmental impact. 8 companies were selected, which offered innovative solutions using HFC alternatives.

With regard to limitation of methane emissions from oil exploitation, Ségolène Royal believes that oil and gas companies must invest heavily in renewable energy. The exploitation of hydrocarbons is indeed doomed to failure in the long run. She expects more ambitious commitments on the coalition’s initiative and on putting an end to exploring new deposits worldwide.

 Download the press release (PDF - 131 Ko)