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Ségolène Royal : "The bill on biodiversity, nature and lanscape restoration will be examined by the Senate in mid-january and it will be passed by the summer"

In a conference with Hubert Reeves, “From the stars to climate and biodiversity”, Ségolène Royal announced that the bill for biodiversity, nature and landscape restoration would be examined by the Senate in mid-January for a final adoption by the summer.

The Minister also presented their labels to the 12 winners of the 2015 National Biodiversity Strategy that will be extended as of next year with the aim of reaching 2,000 partners in 2020 against 440 today (partnerships with local authorities, as part of the Biodiversity Agency’s missions, etc.)

Biodiversity is one of the first indicators of climate change. Already, some species are endangered and must adapt. But biodiversity also has an impact on climate through biogeochemical cycles (water, CO2...). At the global level, oceans and land ecosystems (forests, soils) help capture two thirds of global carbon emissions.

The 12 winners in 2015 are engaged in concrete actions to protect biodiversity

- Awareness-raising program of motorway users through educational billboards (Eiffage) ;

- Support to a research and coral preservation awareness-raising expedition (Veolia) ;

- Generating biodiversity risk analysis methods (Caisse des dépôts et consignations) ;

- Developing and coordinating a regional network of actors working for the preservation of biodiversity (France Nature Environnement Midi-Pyrénées) ;

- Releasing a critically endangered plant species on a land reserve in the Ile-de-France Region (Storengy) ;

- Support to some fifteen companies to share their actions for local biodiversity (Association syndicale libre des usagers du parc du Chevalement – Nord-Pas-de-Calais) ;

- Promoting research on the integration of biomimicry in the fields of architecture and land planning (Eiffage) ;

- Developing participatory science for a better understanding of the biodiversity of airport sites (HOP ! Biodiversity Air France) ;

- Creating a directory to identify all the local actors working for the preservation of biodiversity (Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment Serres Country - Lot Valley) ;

- “65 million Observers”, a project to raise public awareness of biodiversity through participatory science (National Natural History Museum) ;

- Making biodiversity a crucial factor in the choice of cement quarrying projects (Vicat) ;

- Reflection on a zoo upgrading in order to develop more actions towards species conservation and visitors’ awareness-raising (African Safari Zoo) ;

- Support to the development of innovative technical solutions on the issues of urban biodiversity and relationships between biodiversity and infrastructure (Bouygues Construction)
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