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Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire

Solar Energy : Ségolène Royal presents 212 winners of the call for tender for large-capacity solar plants

1. – Ségolène Royal presented today the winners of the call for tender for large-capacity solar plants (more than 250 kWp)
• The call for tender covers the construction and operation of ground-based solar plants, as well as solar panels on parking shade structures and large roofs.
• It was aimed at encouraging the cost competitiveness of projects, as well as promoting innovation and supporting low-carbon and virtuous projects in terms of proper land use.

2. – As promised by the President of the Republic last August, the total power, initially set at 400 MW, was increased to 800 MW.

212 projects will benefit from guaranteed feed-in tariffs.
• The list of winners is available on the Ministry’s website.

3. – The cost of photovoltaic generation keeps decreasing, which accelerates its deployment in France and around the world.
The feed-in tariffs proposed by the candidates in this competitive procedure continue their downward trend, to the benefit of final consumers.
• In comparison with the previous tender (launched 20 months earlier) :

- For installations on large roofs, the average tariff goes from 158 EUR down to 129 EUR/MWh, a decline of 18% ;

- For ground-based plants, the average tariff goes from 107 EUR down to 82 EUR/MWh, a decline of 23% ;

- For installations on shade structures, the average tariff goes from 146 EUR down to 124 EUR/MWh, a decline of 15%.

4. – This tender will bring major economic benefits to France. It illustrates the benefits of a low-carbon economy implemented by the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act.

• Half of the photovoltaic modules will be manufactured in France.
• With these 212 winning projects, almost 1 billion EUR will be invested in the construction of new solar power plants, thus give a new impetus to the development of this French industrial sector.
• These plants will generate 1.1 TWh of renewable electricity per year, increasing solar production by more than 15%.

5. – New calls for tender for photovoltaics will be launched at the beginning of 2016 in accordance with the timetable announced by Ségolène Royal on November 13.

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